LAMY Pencils

Propelling pencil

Functional and precise – for drawings and notes


Lamy propelling pencils inspire through functionality, ergonomics and design.
With their fine and precise lead, they are the perfect writing instrument for intricate drawings, sketches and notes.

Unlike conventional pencils, they do not become blunt and they therefore write at a constant width. Sharpening is no longer necessary – which means that you can concentrate fully on writing or drawing.

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  1. PENCIL scribble 3.15 mm.
    1,900.00 THB
  2. Pencil LAMY accent
    2,900.00 THB
  3. ปากกาหลายระบบ รุ่น LAMY logo twin pen
    1,200.00 THB
  4. Multisystem Pen LAMY logo 3 colors
    1,100.00 THB
  5. Pencil LAMY vista
    700.00 THB
  6. Pencil LAMY st
    1,600.00 THB
  7. Pencil LAMY scribbles 0.7 mm.
    1,900.00 THB
  8. Pencil LAMY scala
    4,600.00 THB
  9. Pencil LAMY safari
    500.00 THB
  10. Pencil LAMY logo
    400.00 THB
    14,500.00 THB
  12. Pencil LAMY cp 1
    2,200.00 THB
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